Leadership Team & Supervisory board

Founder | Design Director | Owner

Started KLK Global Consultancy because Currently India is seen witnessing a surge in Technology, Mobile VAS, E-Commerce, Real-Estate and Digital Marketing industries and we at KLK-GC wanted to take an advantage and want to focus on recruitment solutions and HR management for them. We wanted “to develop services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible” We stay true to the mission, placing long-term bets on new policies that employers & candidates truly love.

Founded KLK Group in 2013 and went on to found rather ventured into KLK-GC in 2015 while it is still early days, we’ve also made significant progress in understanding people’s context, which is crucial in our business if we are to improve our relationship and interactions with all the stake holders.

CO-Founder | Director | Owner

Started KLK Global Consultancy by a shear statement “It’s in the most difficult times that we discover our capabilities. When you are passionate, you do not give up. Holding an engineering degrees in the field of Electronics & Communication and a MBA in Human Resources from the University of Pune.

Following a diverse part within the software industry where software was the route of growth, there was a lot of need to the way the system worked and responded to all the human resourcing structure having being worked across in India, UK & In UAE Market – realized that this issue persists in some way or the other. Contribution to the way the search engine worked and profiled across was just not streamlined I was forced to think out and wanted to add value to the one profession which I admired the most hence Supported by “tons of self-belief, hard work and more than a stroke of luck” starting KLK-GC with all new settings and character

CEO | Operations

Seven years ago, the world was shaken by the global financial crisis. And over the recent past there has been a surge in a lot of companies in India right from E-Commerce to IT-sector all because of conventional business structure within our country made it stronger than the vulnerability of the eastern market. More over it has given us an upper hand to take advantage of such situations. Ever since our company KLK- GC made our presence, our company has been dealing with extraordinary challenges as a result of that crisis.

We have endured an unprecedented economic, political and social storm — the impact of which will continue to be felt for years and possibly decades to come. What is most striking to me, in spite of all the turmoil, is that our company is making improvement in all sectors — and there has been a positive signs from each employer in each sector and we have never stopped supporting clients. I feel extraordinarily privileged to work for this great company with such talented people. Our management team and our support team do outstanding work every single day — sometimes under enormous pressure — while dealing with an extreme number of complex business and regulatory issues. The way our people and our firm are able to address our challenges and admit our mistakes while continuing to grow our businesses and support our clients fills me with pride.